Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


They’re both wearing catchers gloves :smile:


You wouldn’t see the limerick lads debasing themselves like that.


That’s in preparation to hold the many pitchers of beer in bars afterwards, which are the main purpose of the entire event.


You’d hold nothing with a catchers glove



Big difference, he doesn’t look like a gowl.


To be fair here . Chin , Red Bull joe and Ashling Thompson are the 3 most recognizable hurlers in the country . Cian Lynch problably best known Limerick player .

The helmet and the micro management of IC players factors here . A huge % of people in Lk would not know Sean Finn in his civvies .


Fierce shturdy legs on yer wan from Aer Lingus in that photo. Built for the transatlantic planes I’d say.


She could handle a bit of turbulence alright.



Lee Chin is much better looking than that guy.

cc @Breaking_my_balls




At least he’s better than Finn at something mate.


I love the fact you had to go looking for that picture tonight to make a point on the INTERNET.


Came up in my twitter feed, pet.


A lovely tap in.


You’ve got these guys running and racing around the Internet, floundering around online to try and take a shot at you and a shot at the All Ireland Champions. It’s unreal. How do you manage it?


They’re harmless. Let them have their fun.


Chinners has his sponsorships and ambassadorial roles, Finn has his U-21 and senior medals.

He has knocked it out of the park already, pardon the pun.


Finn shows as much gum as teeth when smiling.

Chin has a lovely smile.