Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread



The All Ireland medalist smiles benevolently. The chap from the minor county has to wear fancy dress and pose with a hefty girl.


Poor auld @Bandage. He’d remind you of the Bird O’Donnell. TFK’s very own village idiot.


Lee Chin is a grand looking chap, he’s currently going round to all the local schools to show the children his smile. He’s fully booked out.


Well he can’t take them a trophy.


Walking the Limerick freaks into variations of the “we won the All Ireland” riposte on this thread this evening has been illuminating. You’re even thicker than I realised, you muldoon fucks.

Lee Chin has a higher profile than that Limerick chap though.


They wouldn’t be asked nor recognized.




he’d want to spend some of that 80k Lord McManus gave him on a trip to a good dentist


Lee Chin is a very good looking fella, that Limerick team are very average looking, no wonder most of them are not married or single


I’m actually led to believe that only 4 of the Limerick squad don’t have a wife or girlfriend.


A free trip to Mexico will do that to women.




Must be an egg thing…



It’s World Egg Day.


A boiled egg for breakfast so Friday.


Looks like the egg lobby got to Lynch too




22 October 2018; Kilkenny goalkeeper Eoin Murphy, front, with former Tipperary players, Brendan Cummins, Paddy Stapleton, and Lar Corbett, at the launch of the Tipperary v Kilkenny: The Legends Return — a benefit match for Amanda Stapleton. Henry Shefflin, Tommy Walsh, Lar Corbett, Eoin Kelly and a host of current stars will line out for this fantastic cause on November 3rd in Borrisoleigh GAA, Co Tipperary — get your adults tickets for just €20 in Centra or on; Under-16s are free. Photo by Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile