Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread



Its almost Christmas lads :ronnyroar:


Lee Chin will be seething.


I’d say Anna is seething that another female is taking her limelight. Anna also appears to have wintered well.


I’ve said it recently - is she duffed?


Good strong hips on her. Christ I’d have to be dug out of her


Jackie Tyrrell standing in a pile of cow shit is a novel idea.


Aussie reminds me of Reservoir Dogs .


He’d pull your ear off in fairness.




:laughing: FFS that’s the best one in a while!


This place is full of cunts if it doesn’t get 25+ likes I’m reckoning


Mannion looks like he has a secret that he desperately wants to tell someone. While above on a surf board.


Do you know who’s riding … ? Kind of a thing


Everybody’s gone surfing, surfing GAA


I can never unsee that.


Like, surely they could have said, “eh no Harry, fuck off you septic bastard”. Its not like they wouldn’t have gone on the junket anyway.

I notice its only on 23 likes, there’s a few cunts on here who would want to take a long hard look at themselves.


Happy to give that the all important twenty somethingth.
You’re very needy this morning.


Got you to 25 likes e-pal


FOAD cunt.