Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


I am monitoring the cunts who haven’t, a list is being made.


Honestly I think this is at least deserving of 34 likes. I’m replying to this thread in the hope you’ll get another bump or two from it.


To get to 34 we’d need a few lads to login to their multiple aliases


cc @codegreen

ps I’m joking. Please don’t kill me


The two lads must be as desperate for a free flight as @TheUlteriorMotive


I’m flying without wings today pal.


Jason Forde and Conor McGrath in the boat only got 33 and its much better


I am going to resist the peer pressure to give it a like.


That’s still the pinnacle. The Clare fella racing against a horse a respectable second.


You’re on the list



So a few Gah players and then Lauren Guilfoyle “Physio”. :joy: Bizarre


She appeared on my Tinder feed last week :grin:


I’d say you nearly broke the screen swiping right


Anna will be devo at not being included


Stalford & another DUP MLA had go at an Ulster Unionist MLA who attended a reception for the pope earlier this year. One crossed himself while the other said “You know he’s the antichrist”. “Moderate” in relation to the DUP is a misleading term. Just not quite so bigoted as the rest.




What sort of witchcraft are they at over in Clare to produce a woman of such beauty? Surely adopted?


She’s plain enough


She’s Tommy Guilfoyles daughter.