Sliotar magazine (vol 1, nr 2)

Volume 1, Number 2 (March 2010)

What’s new…

• The Big One: Christy O’Connor (The Sunday Times) on the All-Ireland Club Final.

• A Canny Man: PM O’Sullivan meets Ollie Canning.

• The Portumna Way: Michael Geoghegan on the one of the greatest club teams ever.

• Shamrocks Inherit the Earth: PM O’Sullivan on the parish of Ballyhale.

• Cummins Strong: Aidan Cummins talks home and hurling with PM O’Sullivan.

• ‘Hurling By Numbers’: Leo McGough with insightful facts and stats.

• Cartoon: Tom Dack.

• The Kind Undertaker: Damien Fitzhenry stands front and centre with Murt Flynn.

• Sides of March: Seán Moran (The Irish Times) takes the pulse of league form.

• ‘Season’s Meetings’: Murt Flynn on the thriller that is the club AGM.

• Kildare hurling: Sliotar takes an in depth look at the county over four articles by Paul Castle, Brendan Coffey, Eoghan Corry and Daragh Ó Conchúir.

• A New Picture: PM O’Sullivan on the roots of trouble in Limerick hurling.

• 'Bourne Supremacy: Pat Treacy on camogie in WIT.

• ‘Backspin’: PM O’Sullivan wraps up number 2.

With full colour photography from Michael Cullen, Eoin Hennessy, John McIlwaine, Gail Ryan and Sportsfile, Sliotar provides quality coverage and analysis of hurling and camogie.

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The second number of Sliotar sees Christy O’Connor, Michael Geoghegan and PM O’Sullivan dice and slice the St Patrick’s Day contest between champions Portumna and challengers Ballyhale Shamrocks.

CHRISTY O’CONNOR (The Sunday Times): "Portumna’s destruction last year not only defined a new dynasty but also splintered a critical plank of Ballyhale Shamrocks’ identity and esteem. In hindsight, Ballyhale were complacent and slightly arrogant beforehand. They thought they could go toe to toe with Portumna in a shootout and do what Kilkenny teams always do in those circumstances: win.”

OLLIE CANNING (Portumna and Galway) "I don’t believe in the theory of just hitting a ball as far as you can. I believe that you’re better off working the ball 40 or 50 yards up the field, rather than driving it 70 or 80 yards and risking losing possession.

Also in number 2 SEÁN MORAN (The Irish Times) takes the pulse of league form. Analysing Galway’s impressive start, Moran writes: “Galway have not the happiest memories of doing well in the league ― particularly after the notorious flogging they got from Kilkenny weeks after winning the title in 2004. Then again, Galway have been so inert in recent seasons that neither do they have encouraging memories of not doing well.”

DAMIEN FITZHENRY departing the national stage prompted MURT FLYNN to go native and meet the one of the best goalkeepers ever. In a front and centre encounter, Fitzhenry spoke of club, county and the future:

“Some lads will say that if a Wexford player scores 1-3 in a game he will still be on the team three years later, even if was never to score again ― or even make a score. The truly strong panel means you justify your place, and that’s how you keep it. If you don’t ― well, you’ll end up sitting in the stand with me. It’s about the system, about getting players to fit into that system and getting them to have the confidence to shine in it.”

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