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What a shit film.

To the critics of the Galway Film Fleadh, Nashville Film Festival, The Cherbourg-Octeville British Irish Film Festival and the Boston Irish Film Festival I say, what fucking drugs are you people on to give this film awards? 90 minutes of my life wasted.

You’ve created quite a conflict for me here SS. After that outburst I’d like to see what all the fuss is about but the general tone of your post suggests this is the last thing I should do.

Is it worth it for the anger factor. It’s like watching Celebrity Love Caravan and the likes. Sometimes I like to put myself through it just to replenish my anger levels towards the type of cunts in these shows.

I get angry just looking at the DVD cover here, Fran.

According to this film there’s a place in Ireland like South Dakota, complete with loggers, lumberjack shirts, pick-up trucks, Rolling Rock beer, ‘Mack’ baseball caps, deer hunting, pool, country music radio stations and people living in timber shacks. Now this may very well be what it’s like in Leitrim, but I fcuking doubt it. It also may be some attempt at imagery or symbolism but I thought it was utterly ridiculous.

Add in a laughable script, characters you don’t give a shit about and naff acting and you’re left with the biggest load of bollocks you’ve ever seen.

It’s true.

An area just outside Ballinamore.

Boxty would know about it than me.