Snooker World Championship

Here’s the draw

Graeme Dott v Ian McCulloch
Anthony Hamilton v Marco Fu
Stephen Maguire v Joe Perry
Mark Williams v Joe Swail
John Higgins v Michael Holt
Barry Hawkins v Fergal O’Brien
Neil Robertson v Ryan Day
Ronnie O’Sullivan v Ding Junhui
Ken Doherty v Mark Allen
Matthew Stevens v Joe Delaney
Steve Davis v John Parrott
Shaun Murphy v Judd Trump
Peter Ebdon v Nigel Bond
Stephen Lee v Mark Selby
Ali Carter v Andy Hicks
Stephen Hendry v David Gilbert

I’m a massive fan of snooker but I’m hugely disppointed to see the two best players in the draw meet at the first round stage - O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui. That would have made a great final - something hat has been lacking over the last few years

Parrott and Davis meeting - que loads of smugness from the BBC

Is Joe Delaney Irish?

Not sure - the lad Doerty is playing is from the North

Are they halves of the draw too Farmer? i.e. is Doherty’s only chance of meeting O’Sullivan in the final?

The draw is on a half basis alright Rock

So the winner of Doherty/Allen plays winner of Stevens/Delaney and the winner of that match plays the winner of the match above etc

(very hard to actually articulate that)

Does the winner of Doherty/Allen/Stevens/Delaney not play the winner of the match below?

Yes, below.

farmer’s incorrect (yet again).

Note: I feel obliged to try annoy farmer now that raven and himself appear to be in cahoots.

Makes sense that it is “very hard to actually articulate” the draw when you don’t understand the thing in the first place.

Give us a break - my finger slipped

farmer, prrobably best to put an imaginary line under the O’Sullivan match. This sepates one half of the draw from the other. From there you can then split the draw into quarters if you so desire.

fa[quote=farmerinthecity ]

Give us a break - my finger slipped

Strange that your finger slipped and you ended up typing ‘above’ rather than ‘below’.

I can see how close all the various letters are on my keyboard though. Yours must be similar to mine.