Soccerball Trivia


Derry City.




Correct. As I said the Rapid Vienna one is the hard one. Won in 1941 during Anschluss


Deportivo La Coruna



Derry are from Ireland mate


Why did you call them Londonderry earlier this week then?


It’s just a humorous thing us footy fans do to mock them mate. Why do you think LOI fans call them Londonderry?


Are any of those correct?


What’s the list of the correct answers thus far?


Clint Dempsey scored his 23rd goal in a major international tournament in this years Gold Cup.

Only three players have scored more goals in international Tournaments (World Cups, Confederation Cups & Continental cups - Euros, Coppa America, African Cup of nations etc).

Name them


Fat ronaldo


Miroslav Klose


Nope, only scored 3 goals at the Euros. 19 in total


Drogba, Gyan








i wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of blanco, and either of the hernandez fellas aren’t in there too
the Gold Cup is a bit of a joke in fairness


Name the 22 players pictured above at the launch of the Premier League in 1992


I’ll do the back row (left to right):

David Hirst, Lee Sharpe, Tony Daley, Vinny Jones, Mark Wright, John Wark, Tim Flowers, Tim Sherwood.