Soccerball Trivia




Front row (left to right):

?, Andy Ritchie, John Salako, Andy Sinton, Alan Kernaghan, Gordon Strachan, Peter Beardsley.




Is the Forest player Gary Charles actually?


Gary Charles is who you’re missing there. Correct.


Was just about to post that




Struggling a bit on the middle row, guys.

Ian Brightwell, ? - don’t think it’s Sutton, Hans Segers, ?, ?, Gordon Durie, David Hillier.


The order you gave them in and including Sutton twice reflected badly on you pal.

And its not Sutton


Maybe you should have specified you wanted answers in order. Poor communication.


Ian Brightwell - :white_check_mark:
Hans Segers - :white_check_mark:
Gordon Durie - :white_check_mark:
David Hillier - :white_check_mark:

Missing is Norwich, Coventry & Sheffield United

You’re right, my apologies. Your feedback will be taken on board.

Its amazing how much a ringer yer man is for Sutton btw.


Gary Holt for Norwich?




Ian Butterworth is the Norwich player


He is indeed.

Coventry & Sheffield United remain.

Middle row: Ian Brightwell, Ian Butterworth, Hans Segers, COVENTRY, SHEFF UNITED, Gordon Durie, David Hillier.


Peter Ndlovu - Coventry.


The similarities are remarkable I will admit.


I’ve a funny feeling that Sheff Utd lad is Norn Irish. Could be way off. Head of a hun mind.


He’s a born of Sheffield mate. Started with Wednesday, did some time with United, before an amount of Clubs and a bit of time in the clink to boot. Wouldnt you know he’s a right back by the head of him.


Sheffield United - Carl Bradshaw?