Soccerball Trivia


Thats the one. Just Coventry remains, and its not the comedian. 49 appearance for Coventry, before a knee injury finished him, he’d be hard remembered.

Lee Hurst.


Knee Hurts


Useless fact: I possess a copy of the official programme for the Sheffield United v Manchester United game on August 15th, 1992, in which Brian Deane scored the first ever FA PREMIER LEAGUE™ goal.

The cover has a picture of Harry Bassett and selected Sheffield United players posing at a specially arranged “Christmas party” held before the start of the season as a joke about Sheffield United being bottom of the table at Christmas the previous two seasons, yet having an excellent second half of the season both times to comfortably avoid relegation. The joke being that if they held their Christmas party before the start of the season, they’d have that form from the start of the season. And it worked.

Wonderful old-style English footbal bantz.


Dave Busst


There was a lovely spitting image type gag on the Saint and Greavesie about that Sheffield United season. They asked a Dave Bassett puppet what his ambition was for the rest of the season and he said to stay up.

Then they asked the Ron Atkinson puppet the same question. Ron was manager of Wednesday. He said win the league, FA Cup, league cup and European cup. The interviewer said stop exaggerating and the Ron puppet said he started it.


Ron Atkinson and Dave Bassett never simultaneously managed the Sheffield clubs in the top division of English football.

But Big Ron did achieve 25% of those targets.


Two English sports grounds have staged
1 An English football international
2 An English cricket test match
3 An FA cup final.
Name them.


Headingley & the oval


I assume you mean at least one if each of those events but possibly many more?

Old Trafford and the Oval?


Old Trafford ( trick ceist ? )


Bramall Lane & The Oval


The bridge?


The Oval ( in Belfast and London ?)


Impressive and correct.


Which current English Premier League squad has the most amount of Champions League winners?


Welcome to yesterday 11 am .




What’s the significance of this team?


I read about this on the INTERNET last night so I won’t spoil it by revealing the answer. But I do want to announce that I know the answer. I know.


I would guess that it is the first ever team to start a match in a European league which doesn’t contain a European player.

Probably Porto.