Soccerball Trivia


I got 5 out of 10 too and even that was pure guesswork.


John Aston was never capped. Only member of the 1968, Man U winning team not to be capped.

I’d say a good few of the Aston Villa 1982 winning team were never capped as well - don’t recall any of Kenny Swain, Gary Williams, Dennis Mortimer or Gary Shaw ever getting capped for England.


They never played in the champions league mate, but I’m sure you knew that :wink:


Champions League final buddy. Not European Cup.


9 outta 10. Said Kaka for meelan one


Got Ruud and Klinsmann wrong, rest right.


Sorry. A soccer began in 1992 question.


No. A precisely-worded question.

Read more carefully.




So you are disregarding Celtic’s great win in 1967 ??


Nope. I’m saying Boycott lives in the past.


Boycott I see as a traditionalist .


a fantasist and anti semite


Some tournament, different format since 1992. They’ve handed out the same cup for 50 years now. When you read the roll of honour you still see Real Madrid with 12. I’ve never seen a split into wins in the Champions League and those won prior to 1992.

You don’t see All Ireland Hurling titles distinguished post 1997 since the backdoor system was introduced.


He caught peddling false trivia questions in the gaa all star thread yesterday as well. The scoury nonce, best ignored


And here we have the prime exhibit of soccer began in 1992 culture.




Irrelevant was you earlier today trying to shoehorn a proposed transfer fee in January 2018 for Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid (currently banned from any transfer activity) into the transfer window figures for the period ended 31 August 2017.


I asked a question. Given that I am 30 years of age why would the career of De Stefano be to the forefront of my mind. It was a valid comment and aside from two greats of the game like Pukcas and De Stefano there haven’t been too many others who have performed as consistently as Zlatan in his 30s. There is no shame in him being behind those two, which I mentioned that he was in storied company if they are the only ones that easily cine to mind ahead of him at the time, but of course you wouldn’t bump that post.

I wasn’t the one posting lies on the forum and then blaming someone else rather than acknowledging that they were wrong.


This is the football trivia thread. Don’t know why you’re dragging GAA All Stars in here and using language like scoury nonce. The issue I had referred to was European Cups won in the 1956-91 era. For some reason you insisted on wading in with personal insults. Its an area that’s clearly not one of your fortes if you’ve never heard of Ference Puskas or Alfredo di Stefano.