Soccerball Trivia


Where did I say I hadn’t heard of them?

You were caught spoofing yesterday and refused to acknowledge it.


Apart from being a yid I find Geoff to be a thoroughly alright sort.


You’re a thoroughly alright sort yourself apart from your blind spot to the Australia cricket team.

The irons are hosting the yids at lunchtime tomorrow so this is no time for pleasantries.


Name the last team to qualify for the World Cup without conceding a goal, and the tournament for which they did it.


Spain. Brazil 2014.


Incorrect. The answer isn’t Russia 2018 either, for any smart arses.


Russia, Russia 2018


It is though


It’s not incorrect. It’s correct. If I gave that answer in a table quiz and you didn’t take it, violence would ensue.


The last team to go through an actual qualifying campaign without conceding a goal, please.


That’s a different question.


don’t be so pedantic


West Germany




Incorrect answers so far.


If you wanted the answer to that question why didn’t you ask it?




You’ve made a right mug of yourself.




Name the player who played in four different World Cups but never in a single World Cup qualifier