Soccerball Trivia


Not his name.


Did Mark Hughes not do this?


Soren Lerby ?


One down


Two down.

But he prefers to be called Soren Lerbu.


Last player signed by Ron Atkinson for Man United


Paul McGrath.


Peter Davenport?


Liam O’Brien?




Which Manchester United player holds the record for the quickest sending off in the clubs history?


Liam O’Brien


Correct again, a Cork City legend.


What was the last time an FA Cup tie went to a second replay?

Name the year, the round and the teams who participated.


Bonus points for naming:
i) the last FA Cup tie in which two teams played three full 90 minute matches against each other
ii) the last FA Cup tie in which two teams played each other four separate times.


Liverpool Everton 91 for the first one?




The other one I’m pretty sure is a semi final involving Arsenal where they lost the final in a shock. It’s either 78 or 1980? I remember reading before about 3 replays needed to reach the final.


No. Arsenal eventually prevailed over Liverpool in a semi-final in 1980 which took four matches to decide the outcome, alright, but off the top of my head there has been at least one tie which took four matches to decide since then - Arsenal v Leeds in the 1991 Fourth Round, and I’m sure there have been others. That 1991 Arsenal-Leeds tie was the last FA Cup tie which went to a third replay.

I’m very confident the two bonus point questions won’t be answered without googling or doing a Wikipedia search of each FA Cup season since 1992 inclusive. They are both Round 1 or Round 2 ties which involve one league team and one non-league team.

As a third bonus question, and this might be gettable without googling:
What was the last time two Premier League teams lined up against each other on three separate occasions in the same FA Cup tie?