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Has meta not been folded already! A flop but shur zucks has plenty more where that came from.

In 20 years time, we will all lbe half android, people need to realise how fast the pace of technological change is


They are harvesting your data sure

Aside from stuff with screens technology is going nowhere. Sure it’s taking longer to cross the Atlantic now than it did 25 years ago

Some lads still think using google is safe and ok

wait until quantum computers hit

Restaurant Gemma


Another lad that had his head turned by the adoration of the headbangers

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Imagine what he’d get done if he didn’t go to bed at all


Like six minute abs?

Oh ye of little faith

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Ming is a narc

Its mad to think that russian hackers knew to make it look like he was searching saoirse mchugh skinny dipping.

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It was Sapirse rather than Saoirse. Difficult spelling for non natives, or maybe for those that are under the influence when typing.


Did the Russians take off his trousers that time also I wonder.

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Remind you of anyone @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy?

which member of the awkward squad

could be fooley but im not sure if he is as bad as the rest of @MountLeinsters lot