Some bad news

From this

To this

Poor stuff.

Still would

Fair enough. But the spiral is beginning. Showing a shocking lack of respect for her fans pukey, not good enough.

Very, very sad to see.

she has a fanny on her like o’connell street also, someone posted a pic here a few weeks ago

My day is ruined…

Hopefully they are doctored pictures.

Are they?

Somebody please say they are.

You could drive a Mini Cooper down there with the wing mirrors tucked in was the phrase you delivered I believe HBV.

Must say that I laughed at the O’Connell Street one as well.

[quote=“myboyblue”]From this

To this

Poor stuff.[/quote]
she gone country now,all she needs is a pitchfork yee ha

Did Tony Romo knock her up?

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Definitely doctored. Pikeman is always at it. Look at the Ned Kelly.

Seen em in a few places now, they’re legit.

The top ones of her in the jeans are not doctored but they’re not all that bad either in all fairness.
She’s never exactly been a small girl, even in the Dukes of Hazzard one of her she has an arse and a pair of tits.
She’s put on a bit of weight in the lower ones but I’d say if you took a picture from the same angle of her arse even when she’s at her skinniest it’d still be fairly sizeable.

the last pic is obviously a siopa na griangraif job.

I doctored nathin. Check the link sure

Ashley isnt happy

But just try to remember her as she was lads…

[quote=“myboyblue”]Ashley isnt happy

But just try to remember her as she was lads…[/quote]

I love the fact that RTE have this important news item stored under

Could there be hope for our Jess?

Maybe not…

More affirming news