Some downtime on the way

There have been plenty of recent performance issues with the site, some of which were a little bizarre with a Honda forum getting TFK visitors who tried to visit via Internet Explorer, posts being made in the wrong order and other wonderful oddities.

As a result we’re leaving our current provider and moving to a new host.

The likelihood is that there will be some downtime as a result.

I may use another temporary domain at some stage to allow people to move to the new location while the world’s servers are waiting to catch up but I’ll let people know in good time.

Fingers crossed this goes well, if it backfires blame Dunph. He’s the migration specialist.


Fuck sake the championship starts this weekend!

This is a good time to remind people of the wonderful TFK ProBoards site -

All are welcome

So Bandage finally got the away day organised then.

What about Locke’s golf site?

Wonderful scheduling by Rocko to time this for the footballing close season. :clap:

Got closed down by the feds after they discovered it was a front for a child porn distribution ring.

Bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose

Right from a quick google all the advice I’m getting seems to be to rush this and pay little heed to things like backing up and planning for contingencies.

So in the next few minutes we’re going to close the forum. We will then download the database, upload it somewhere else and re-point the URL to that new location.

The downloading and uploading part will take a number of minutes or hours, presumably more the latter.

The reconfiguring the URL will take days or hours and in this time the website may not be accessible for everybody using I will have a contingency that will allow people to visit via a different URL but the app won’t work in that time.

When the new location is live I will post a link and we can sort out issues over there. Expect chat and the app to be down for a bit longer than the website. Also expect me to get lots of other things wrong.

@Bandage, @Dunph, @TFK Coder - keep your phones nearby in case I need technical assistance.

Will be ok? Never really use

This will go wrong. Very very wrong

That’s highly likely. We had a good innings though. Maybe one day we’ll all meet eachother on or something where Turenne can be our overlord.

See you all on the other side guys.