South park


The official Southpark website has every episode over here (bar 1 or 2 that aren’t. Tom Cruise packing fudge and Muhammad were the issues iirc).
You might need a foreign whatsit (ip address?) to get them in th’oul sod, mind.




I always wondered what happened Pip until someone told me about this the other day,I completely missed this they could have got some milegae out of him.


Season 22 starts tonight :smile:


I still haven’t seen 21. Any use?


Think I stopped at season 12 ---- are 13 - 20 any good?


Last few seasons have been poor I think




Randy is a legend.


13 & 14 have some really good episodes. Bit meh after that for a few seasons, but picked up again around season 17. Still a few misses, though mixed in some excellent episodes.

The one where they take the piss out of World War Z is one of their best ever.


best news ever!!


@Copper_pipe, why havent you uploaded the episode about World War Z?? you’re slipping kid…


Why haven’t you fucked off?


I have, multiple times.




I’m liking the new edgier you mate.



He’s too nice to sustain it.

A credit to Drom so he is.


I’m hungry. Haven’t had the breakfast yet.


Pop down to @smark’s auld wans there, she’s used to the grub being taken out of her gob.