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5 people have £150 to be “interviewed” by him!:


I met him at a GAA Conference a good while back and was very impressed. Its just seems like he has read too many books and motivational quotes. I actually think he had something back then. Success has ruined him. The stuff about armagh was mental

Graeme souness


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Alan Quinlan.
I know it’s been discussed on here before but there couldn’t possibly be a sports broadcaster in the World that knows less about sport than “Quinny”.
For some reason, despite him not having a breeze, Newstalk keep him on after the sports bulletin to talk through some sporting event or other in depth.
This morning it was the Irish soccer match and it was painful.
Shane Coleman was basically talking to him like you’d interview a child before a match. All it was short of was “who’s your favourite player Alan”?

I imagine his preparation to be like that episode of the IT crowd where he’s just learned off some stock phrases to get by.
Ya Martin doesn’t fancy Wes.
Shane’s been struggling for goals lately.
Bale will be a big loss.

Sounds ok to me. Did you expect an ex-rugby player to give a critique of the diamond formation?

No but I’d expect a sports journalist, particularly one participating in a segment about Irish soccer, to be capable of some minor level of insight.

You’re expecting too much. I don’t think he ever played sport.


Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

Hes no more a sports journalist ffs…he reads out the headlines

Would Alan Quislingan have any links to a poll topper in Tipperary?

If that doesn’t get you a “nice reply” @mikehunt, then this placed is fucked,

Smashing little reply :clap:

Standards are higher now. Saving lives gets no likes but spuds and fields do.


That perfect synopsis of current TFK standards is also worthy of a nice reply. I’m firing out the likes this evening

Apparently one mans saving lives is another mans funboy nightswimming interrupted