Sports men who’ve been affected by the corona virus

Ronaldo is barely hanging in there but had a chance of winning the champions league with Juventus. Euro 2020 being played in 2021 is a huge blow to him as well.

Rafael Nadal has been slowed down a lot by injuries but was in very good form but this pesky virus will probably cost him two slams.

On a local front I think it’s a huge blow to the Kerry footballers as I can’t see David Moran lasting much longer and without him they are a much weaker team. I genuinely thought this could be there year.

Please log other examples of sports men being affected whether they had the possibility to create history or they’ll now miss out on their swan song.

He’s only going to be 32 this summer. Couple of years left in him yet.

I’m not so sure. He’s had a lot injuries and he’s barely there for 65 minutes now. I’m not even sure how this extended break will help him. I remember drico saying you’d regress the most during the off season.