Spot the celeb

At first glance one of them looks a bit like Ger Loughnane.

Give us a hint…

Oh its that Gaa Adminstrator. Puke can confirm this.

Far right is Jimmy Gorman I think and the man in the middle is Pat Fitz (Limerick) not sure if this is the same Pat Fitz that Puke referred to, and Sean Fogarty is to his left.

ah I know but both pat fitz’s are celebs in their own right

it’s like a premiership footballer and division one footballer

the bould pat fitz…the man himself…bet ye will all remember him now next time ye see him…

runt i wouldn’t give the clare version the time of day

They look like a bunch of child molesters.

you need to get out more

I am just familiar with these people from the GAA circles I move in.

Ger Loughnane in his Ska days.