St Mirren v Celtic





Go now, Mowbray.

Be gone.

No Boruc, Rasmussen or Hinkel.

Stupid selection.

Any link, bhoys?

Any other links lads? This one is shite.

You might be better off not watching it though.

Aiden looks lively, front two not working, everything else not working. O’Dea has been competent. Load of shite.

Yeah Rocko,got it on Radio Clyde ,not the most Hoop friendly station,it doesn’t sound like the best game of fitba.

Was having awful trouble with the first link too but it’s chronic football.

This charlatan’s idea of team shape is laughable. Samaras hugging the touchline as balls are launched up to 5 foot 7 inch McGowan.

Players we need to be trying to build a team around left on the bench as he makes one inexplicable selction after another.

Fucking cunt.

Is McGowan started?

Yeah started him up front with Rasmussen on the bench. Crazy call.

That was meant as stating"McGowan has started???" I think he is a quality player,for a young lad,I wouldn’t have that Greek Tragedy anywhere near the starting eleven mind,he is like Bambi on ice.

Rasmusson has impressed me everytime i seen him,big and strong and quick,it must be down to Moggas own personal preferance why he doesn’t play him.

Dear Lord, end our suffering now please.

That’s pretty much the worst defending you’re likely to see anywhere. At any level.

Full backs both absent, shot straight down the middle through Zaluska, O’Dea with a shit initial challenge, Thompson slow as anything in pursuit.

This is truly as bad as it gets. I have the sound to avoid Craig Burley but I imagine the away support are voicing their disapproval.

How ye fixed for the Uefa Fair play coefficient?

This has got to be he worst season ever.

The most frustrating thing about it is that this is the poorest rangers team in living memory and we will still surrender everything to the black cunts.

It’s more quiet disbelief than anything Bandage. Few groans but I imagine there’ll be more dissent later.

Rasmussen still going through his paces on the sideline…