St Patrick's day

Nah man

Good report


What is the villainous liquor? Can’t fully make out the spelling.

Translated whiskey to Portuguese there and it is uísque interestingly.

Looks like “agoa asdante” but a google search doesn’t throw up anything. Sounds like good tack.

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Leo looks slightly out of it in a lot of photos being shared from Washington. Different days, different green jerseys. Not just at the cringe fest of him watching the rugby.

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Leo’s looking for his own grand slam

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Was shilllelagh ownership common back in the day @Fagan_ODowd @Boxtyeater?

Either he wanted someone to video him on the sly, or else some total fucking weirdo did it in fairness. You’d be telling them to fuck off with the phone.


That clip is hilarious. Rubby is hilarious.


Did you make your way to the Kesh parade? What was Lionel Messi like in the flesh?

Pretending to like rubby. Just like everyone else in fairness

Dunno, I’d say he’s done a bit of Jackaling in his day @dodgy_keeper

He’s actually smaller than you’d imagine from looking at the telly. Admittedly, standing on the back of a trailer beside Shane Lowry (festooned in Cill Tiobraid gear) didn’t do him any favours and when Lowry started pegging golf balls at us Fenagh supporters the whole thing went ballistic.

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Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary.

Yer man who organised it is a great character.

Absolutely. Everyone has them. The beauty of them is they cost nothing.
You’d be a mug of gargantuan proportions to BUY a shillelagh. A bought shillellagh :rofl::rofl::rofl: FFS.


Were they golf balls or Dennis Taylor’s snooker balls?

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Actually that’s a different place.

Cappawhite had their own version.