Stand Out Bet

QPR 6/5 to beat Norwich? All in. Job Done. Bobs Your Uncle. Bread On The Table. Butter It Up.

A horror show at Loftus Road. QPR take the lead through Joey Barton and are cruising. Then Mr.Barton decides to headbutt an opponent leaving QPR with 10 men. The game will now finish with a win for Norwich. 2-1 minimum.

QPR are shithouse anyways. They are never a max bet. Norwich have been decent this season and have had some good results

No Dan, he would’ve had it right and made a load of money if only Joey Barton didn’t get sent off. He’s the Tipping King, after all. See? It’s in his name and everything.

QPR are not a bad side, at home to Norwich is a game I was confident they would win. 6/5 was a good price, they were 4/11 after 10 minutes, an unfortunate red card ruined that bet, such are the joys of the premiership.

Fucking Hell!! Bring back James Dunphy and Mirror Man!!

I didn’t expect a mature response to this, needless to say had they won you wouldn’t have passed a comment. When the crumbs fall off my table you should feed, and feed well.

I would have avoided betting on this. QPR have a fairly shit home record and Norwich haven’t exactly lit it up away from home.

In fairness TTK that was a shocking tip

I suppose we’d have never heard the end of it either. The Great Tipping King tips a 6/5 shot. Fuck off. You’re a one way ticket to a poor house.


That’s fair enough. It didn’t end well. I would still go in again, as I still think 6/5 was too big a price.

stick to the 16-1 horsey tips. you are deadly on them

Oh dear!

But seriously lads, take it easy on the poor chap. He was obviously wumming when he put up that tip…

‘The Tipping King’ is one of TFK’s best in-house jokes… isn’t it?

Obviously this one went astray Tony but with 50/1 10/1 and numerous other well priced winners throughout 2011, I won’t have my judgement in the whole come into question. I hold my hands up, this one went wrong, I’ll make it up to you and my legion of followers.

[size=4][font=arial]But you went “All in. Job Done. Bobs Your Uncle. Bread On The Table. Butter It Up” on todays tip so you’re effectively back at zero again. [/font][/size]

That’s true, it was quite an expensive wager for myself. I have full confidence that I will build it back up again. Luckily I have some reserves in the bank.

Looking forward to seeing you giving us winning tips. Do you care to keep a running total? Like i did for nigh on two years.

I kept a running total on the other section of the forum which exceeded your impressive total.

If there is an appetite for me to keep a running total, than absolutely, no problem, transparency is key. In fact I will set up my own thread on the main board where all my top bets will be logged. That way you can abuse me over there on a regular basis, or, more likely, lavish me with praise.