Steamboatsam, flano

And all the other ManU supporters out there.come on its safe to come out now.its been nearly a week since Celtic Park but before I move on I have one final thing to say:

Martin Platt, Kevin Webster, Ashley Peacock, can you hear me? Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, can you fooking hear me? Terry Christian, Angus Deayton, Zoe Ball, Mick Huckall youre boys took one hell of a beating? Can you hear me Bertie Ahern, Paddy Kielthy, Eamon Holmes? Can you hear me now Tyrone from Coronation Street, Ralf Little, New Order, The Happy Mondays, Badly Drawn Boy, The GMex Arena, Manchester International Airport? Can you hear me Emily Bishop, Rita Fairclough, Ken Barlow, Deirdre Rachid or whatever the fook you call yourself now? Can you fooking hear me???

Welcome back in advance guys.

Bandage, how do you know that Martin Platt, Kevin Webster, Ashley Peacock, Eileen Bishop, Rita Fairclough, Ken and Deirdre Barlow arent Man City fans? Also Martin Platt now lives in Liverpool so perhaps he now has changed his allegiance to a Merseyside club?

Martin Platt, Kevin Webster and Ashley Peacock have all appeared on Soccer AM and pledged their allegiances to ManU. The others are discerning estimates/guesses. Rita Fairclough always has these MEN (Manchester Evening News) newspaper stands outside The Kabin giving prominence to ManU results and performances. EMILY Bishop hangs around with her so I made a bold and adventurous link. I further extrapolated that link from Emily Bishop onto her next door neighbours, Ken and Deirdre, who have always been close to Emily ever since the late Ernest Bishop was cruelly taken away from Emily in a vicious post office robbery back in the 1970s. I presume Emily consoled herself by watching ManU during the mad cap era of Tommy Docherty to give her life some meaning and purpose.

Funny how this thread has taken a turn towards football allegiences of characters in Coronation Street. As for the match, I didnt even see the game so thus far I havent commented on it.
As for this baiting of Man Utd fans, I havent come across the likes of it since i was in school. I have much better things to do with my time. As you said yourself its been a week since the game, surely all this nonsense should have subsided by now.

Drink, drink, wherever you may be,
We are the drunk and disorderly,
And we don’t give a fuck, and we don’t give a shit,
We’re going home with the championship.