Stick hurling-RIP

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The silence is deafening



ive stumped the gaaliban on here

The powers are happy to GAA die out in the smaller counties mate. The GAA is populated by members of the top counties and it is in their interest to see the titles carved up by the traditional powers. Fair play to you for bringing this out into the open.

What a load of shite, Killkenny is a small county, they do alright. It’s up to the county themselves to get their shit together. Most shite counties are that way because they don’t give enough of a fuck, simple as that.

Small counties like Offaly, Meath & Clare have been successful at different periods, which make your statement look rather foolish. Your own county should look at its complete lack of discipline first before moaning about what others achieve.

You’d say anything to find favour with certain posters, its a sad sad state of affairs.

Every single time :lol:

Oh you were only messing, ah thats great :lol:

There is no way a real intelligent GAA person would believe the shite you posted. Glad you cleared that up, thanks.

What’s wrong with what Kevin wrote? Can you please put all wums in italics in future, or maybe use a couple of ** to denote a wum. Kev might have risen a bit easily but his point is valid.

Mbb’s silence is deafening on this one…

Waiting for it to go away, or to come up with some convoluted argument to counter what’s been said.

a fifth province?
i wonder what will it be called?

its always annoyed me when the GAA claim that donegal, monaghan and cavan are in ulster, FFS
ulster refers to the 6 counties of Northern Ireland under the rule of westminster.
i can only assume the GAA are going to finally stop including these three counties in ulster and put them in their own seperate province

Its a thread set up by NCC to denote the death of stick stick, who on earth would take it seriously?!!

I had a bit of fun with it knowing himself would weigh in, which he did. Who in their right mind would think the head men in GAA are trying to kill the game ffs. I’m from what would unfortunately be perceived as a weaker county, so I know what strides are being made and what efforts are being taken by Croke Park.

However any slight of Cork (the President is from the great county you see) sees the other fella barrel in headlessly in an effort to “call out the bluffers”.

He probably wouldnt notice the italics as he’d be in such a hurry to “call out the bluffers” so I’ll take your suggestion under advisory.


people shouldnt define themselves my lines on a map defined by the Brits. Counties should amalgamate if necessary to improve. It happens at club level and noone bats an eyelid.

With that in mind, I’m off to enjoy…ahem NSW for the weekend. Great state that it is. Have a good weekend gentlemen.


Nice try mickey.

Mickee has to be the most blatant wum in the history of the internet :smiley:

Kev, hook, line and sinker, You’ve been tangoed, punked, whatever you’re having yourself… just suck it up baby.

Sure Mick anyone can say they were winding when confronted, its an old mbb trick to avoid discussion on something he clearly hasn’t a clue on. If it was anyone else one might think he was messing, but his form (and things he said on this subject in the past) make this totally believable.

Not a sport!

Mick Jones begs to differ…

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Textbook example of resting the Hurley on the knob here.

ONE of Ulster’s best known GAA clubs is investigating shock claims that funds in excess of £100,000 have gone missing.

Members of Cushendall hurling club are scheduled to meet next week to discuss the findings of a probe.

It is understood the club’s accountant has been asked to examine its finances following allegations that could stretch back several years.

Martin Magee, secretary of the Co Antrim club, told The Irish News on Thursday night that an investigation by its executive is ongoing.

But he declined to confirm or deny that it centres on allegations that club funds, thought to run to six figures, have disappeared.

“There is something being looked into by the club executive. There is an ongoing investigation by our executive and by our accountant,” he said.

Mr Magee said members of the club would meet next Thursday.

“There has not been anything proven. The meeting next week is a normal members’ meeting,” he said.

“There are some things we have investigated. We don’t have anything concrete to move forward.”

He added that the matter was at a “very delicate stage” and would need to be discussed with those concerned.

“I can’t really discuss anything at the moment, but we need to bring things up with our members,” he said.

“Things have been brought to our attention and they are being investigated. At the meeting next Thursday, hopefully everything will be announced.”

The probe emerges just weeks after the club was on a high as its senior hurlers travelled to Croke Park for their first ever All-Ireland club championship final.

Cushendall was swamped in maroon and white as the community came together to support the team.

Co Antrim-born Hollywood star Liam Neeson rovided a rallying video message as part of a fundraising drive that involved fans around the world filming themselves striking a sliotar.

The Ruairí Óg club was defeated 2-25 to 2-14 against Limerick side Na Piarsaigh on St Patrick’s Day.