Stuff you like that other people don't

  • Emerald Chocolate Caramel Chews by Oatfield: smashing sweet for old ladies but I love them
  • Tony from Home and Away: still think he’ll come good as a character
  • Flano: can’t beat the banter
  • Smithwicks: lovely drink altogether
  • Nerdy computer stuff: give me a PC over a TV any day

Mick McCarthy, Steve Staunton and Gordon Strachan

I like all of them except for the Home and Away guy.

Who doesnt like me ??

It’s not that people actively dislike you Flano - just the impression I get on here is that most people could take you or leave you. I love the banter though.

Obviously some people will like some of those things but in the main they’re not very popular with Joe Public. I’ve never met anyone who likes Emerald Caramels before. Have you tried the new bar format?

WWE Wrestling would be the main one.

No I havent. I havent even had the the sweet form in a few years, I used to have them a good bit when I was younger.

Heres a few things

Bohemians Football Club
English Premiership
Manchester United
;D ;D ;D ;D

Serious one…

Banana and peanut butter toasted sandwiches(Im hooked since I went to Memphis)

Wearing women’s underwear.

Ball Ox
keen as jam

-cheese and onion crisp sambos with loads of mayonaise.
-eating the skin of a kiwi

Making children cry.


Allowing my neighbour’s 7 year-old child to go 9-0 in front in a game up to 10 and then rifling 10 thunderbolts past him and running around celebrating crazily like a mad fooker.

I know I’ll be a good parent.

Popcorn and melted chocolate

David Trimble
Perri Light Crisps
Twinnings Ginseng, Blackcurrant and vanilla tea
Gerrardno1’s dog Tiger

farmerinthecity’s frumpy, but not fat, sister.


My incredibly old blue boot cut ‘Gas’ jeans with the huge rip in the balls area.

I would say your younger sister but everybody loves her

Smithwicks is a horrible drink by the way

fairy cakes. just working my way through a pack of 12 at the moment and they’re delightful. each one even has a nice blob of icing on the top