Summer League - Squad Announced

Bandage (GK), Rocko ©, Farmerinthecity, Jugs, brian tinnion, Colly, Kylo, Ro, Fats, Smelly, cesc4.

New addition: cesc4

Dropped: ClarkeyCat, Juhniallio.

The big kick-off is a mere 2-weeks away and as usual I’ll be our most important player. If I pull off another series of saves that I simply have no right to then our lacklustre attack led by new signing cesc4 might just fire us towards the title after the release of the goal-shy duo of Clarkey and Juhy.

We’re likely to be stunned mid-season by the prolonged absence of Rocko as he goes off and misses a raft of games for the spurious reasons of getting married and going on honeymoon - what an unbelievable lack of commitment.

I’ll be deservedly taking over the captain’s armband at that stage and many neutrals would argue that I should club captain already.

Where ye playing Bandage? I’ll be playing the Blackrock League with Mac-looking forward to it have to say.

I reckon the two of ye will struggle a little as most teams are 6-a-side. We’re going for a 2-2-1 formation as our 1-3-1 left our defender exposed and caused too much bunching / confusion in midfield. Having played in Raheny last summer and Sandymount over the winter, we’re now taking the roadshow to Crumlin. We’ll also be debuting cracking new and very, very controversial jerseys.

That’s our plan -to fool the opposition into a false security when they see we only have a 2 man team before-frankly-we unleash hell. Did you not see the movie 300? That’s based on our gameplan.

Are we not playing in Booterstown Bandage? There may have been a breakdown in communication somewhere but I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re booked.

Huge season ahead. I expect Tinnion to deliver on the promise he showed in Raheny which should free me up for a more advanced role. Likely to miss the opening games through injury but I’ll be there motivating and cajoling the most out of my squad as always.

Maybe we are playing there - frankly, I don’t know. Rocko, further to our conversation the other day, you’re going to have to whip the dissenting members of the squad into line as player manager and captain regarding the jersey issue. We need the new jerseys for the first game.

Booterstown it is - frankly I am disappointed that you didn’t know that.

I am available for the first game on 1 April but not the following week as Pool are playing Arsenal on the Wednesday 2 April and then the Tuesday 8 April

playing our third game in our season league this evening. We won our first 2 handy enough using the aforementioned 2-2-1 system which has worked well. We have a lazy fook up front who is able to goal hang and nab a few handy ones, and then a few midfielders who would be fit enough to bomb forward on counter attacks and finish off moves. won first one 8-2 and second 4-1, so looking to keep 100% going tonight. have 3 goals myself, but the guy up front has 6, so wont be leading the goalscoring charts I’d imagine.

I’ve just been approached by a representative from a foreign side, Deportivo La Corona, about playing in nets for them this season. Rocko, what’s TFK policy on playing for other teams?

What days are the matches and where are they on?

I play for another Astro side and for a weekend grass team but as an elite athlete I think I’m very capable of dealing with all those different demands.

I can imagine you sustaining a wrist injury playing in some irrelevant match for a bunch of jokers and missing a crucial TFK match as a result.

Therefore I forbid it.

The agent acting on behalf of Deportivo La Corona has confirmed their games are on Tuesday nights. He tried to deliver this signing coup as he believed we were still playing on Monday nights. I turned down his offer as a result of my TFK commitments but it confirms what I already knew - there was a lot of people scouting me last season.

Lads, do ye field a team in the 11-a-side astroleague

We play 6-a-side Fran as it gives us better opportunity to play our slick one-touch passing style.

Glad to hear you put TFK first bandage, at this stage of your career you need to pick and choose your games carefully. I’m raring to go, my commitments to the Wexford District League conclude next Sunday and I’ll be firmly focused on the astro league from there on, unlike Farmer, who is already displaying the lack of commitment that made him one of the sides most hated players last season. Anyone know if the fixture list is out yet?

No fixture list yet Tinnion. Glad to have commitment from you though, people shouldn’t put their name down for these things if they’re not prepared to play regularly. Farmer’s only making himself even more of a dressing room outcast with these actions.

How many games did Tinnion play last year?

How many did I play?

Nuff said…

It’s disappointing that we haven’t even played a game yet and players are already picking and choosing their games.

Fixtures are out on Thursday. Can’t wait to see what the fixture computer throws out at us.

Potential opponents:

Killer Rabbits
Mt Merrion Old Boys
Olympia Skills
The Junior Bs
Truvo Ire


1United won’t be up too much. Unimaginative name will breed unimaginative football. Disappointed if we don’t beat them handsomely each time. 40/1

Bray - one of the big names team in the league. Got Ger Rowe from Shamrock Rovers in the summer but have never really replaced Zayed. Rely alot on their home form at the Carlisle grounds in 11-a-side and don’t think Booterstown will suit. 3/1

Killer Rabbits Finished 6th in the winter league Division 8 with 5 wins from 14 games. That was 3 places below the Junior Bs and it’s hard to see that form being overturned in the summer. 7/1

Mt Merrion Old Boys Any other season these boys would be favourites. Another participant from Division 8 last year - they won the league 12 wins from 14 games, Ruair O’Shaughnessy scoring 24 goals. Might find the online newcomers too much though. It’s a bit like Kauto Star meeting their Denman. 7/4

Olympia Skills A team of sand dancers no doubt. All the tricks in the world probably but I expect Tinnion to go through them for a shortcut. No chance. 14/1

The Junior Bs Third in Division 8 in the winter and unlikely to improve on that. Runners-up Los Horseboxes have left the division but have arguably been replaced with a better side in Played against these a few times a few years back - load of Wexican lads if I remember correctly. Gav Kelly is the one to watch - 10 goals last season, even Clarkeycat managed more. 7/1

Truvo Ire Don’t fall for the fancy name - these lads are just the Golden Pages with a fancy new label. They’ll be a well organised, bright outfit but you can’t shake the feeling it’s all about the advertising for lads like that. 4/1 It’s all about 1 man this season. Briantinnion was the inspiration behind tfk’s battle for the title in Raheny and his absence was sorely felt in Sandymount. The prodigal son is returning and though life teaches us not to believe in fairytales, wise men reckon tinnion will bring the best out in the rest of the players. Expect a royal battle with Mt Merrion but the onliners should shade it. 11/8F

Lads, I think I played against the Junior B’s in Booterstown last year. They’re fairly muck so I wouldnt be too worried about them!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve signed a 6-month astro boot deal with Adidas and will be sporting their astro runners for the extent of our summer league campaign.