Super Blues 2019


Pat O’Sullivan has pumped in a huge amount of his own money into Limerick. He gets fuck all credit for it, he’s hated in some parts.

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He must conservatively have put in 3 or 4m


I was talking to a fella at the weekend and he reckons 7 or 8m

they were spending savage money a month on buses out to Bruff for all the underage teams


Nah up to 10 now


I heard 3 . something million




He might get more kudos if he stopped giving so much to himself :see_no_evil:


No big money to be made in LOI ,city are fan owned/ managed little leftover


There’s no money at all to be made sure. But there’s been savage waste at Limerick as well. Personally I don’t think they use the little money they have very well. No promotion of the games etc. Rovers probably the only club with a sustainable business model and even then they were lucky to be handed a stadium. But to be fair to them they’ve been the best to embrace the academy model, get the community involved, promote themselves etc as well.


Limerick FC need to rebrand.

Change to green and hop on the goodwill off the back of the GAA bandwagon.


Limerick GAA already has a football team in the depths of mediocrity


they are a good bit away from being mediocre

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We can only dream


I didnt want to upset the West Linerick brigade


City are in the black also,no money worries,though budget tighter this year FORAS runs a tight ship,fair dues my boy and 60+ made the long hike to Sligo yesterday,not back until 2.45,+city academy up n running including under 13s


Good idea, we’re lucky in Cork most ppl following all the sports,but a huge deficit in numbers attending Cork footballers, Limerick soccer fans will turn out now that’ there’s a new business model


In years to come there’s going to be a “Prime Time Investigates” about the money wasted at the club in recent times.

I don’t think these new “investors” are the great white knights that some would have you believe either…

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I dont see what possible upside there is for them? It’s not like they can bleed the club of assets.


Let’s just say in a cash business a football club wouldn’t be the worst way to dispose of certain monies.

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A buddy of mine was suggesting the same last
night. The guy I linked to a few posts above supposed to be a bit dodgy

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