Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Twitter users losing their minds at Hunt only having 5 carries. :smile:


Not to mention a healthy Jordan Reed


You can’t say you weren’t warned.



When you gut your entire D you have to expect this.


Fucking Janikowski missing 2 field goals in a row, fuck off back to Oakland you square headed cunt.


He looks ridiculous in that jersey




There is hardly anyone at the Chargers game. More Chiefs fans I’d say. Why did they move again?


Keenum picked again. As bad as the Seattle D is, we still have a chance against this clown.


San Diego wouldn’t build them a stadium and their owner is a notorius cheapskate.

Would be gas to see them go on a run and top the AFC and have the conference game there and be outnumbered by opposing fans


It only holds 25k or something like that too I think


It’s a clusterfuck, this years performance is vital to them being viable in LA


Chiefs Offense :clap:


So Keenum isn’t the second coming of Kurt Warner.

Get Chad Kelly in the game


Keenum throws another pick after a Carson fumble. He is singlehandedly keeping Seattle in this game.


Yeah very hard to do that without a homefield advantage though


Long season ahead for larry fitz. Tickets were going for 12 dollars for that cards home opener


Fuck Andy Reid says Kareem Hunt. ( and Carryharry )


Titans - Dolphins resuming in a few minutes.


Wilson - Lockett :clap: