Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL




Biggest fourth quarter comeback in Packers history. Hard to believe.


Rodgers is the greatest QB alive


No one else could do what he did in that second half. Superhuman.


Knew I should have jumped on Chicago handicap.


Oh dear


Rodgers blessed last night … threw it straight to a Chicago player with 2.39 left and the gimp dropped it …


Rodgers mugged off the league’s top D on 1 leg, with a gimpy shoulder.


And he was blessed the defender dropped the ball in doing so.


I’m liking the new Broncos rushing package.

Got the business done last night. Keenum will settle into the role now I think.

Von Miller is a beast.


Fucking Bears. That should be the tone set for the season. I’ll look in again next year.



Rodgers with a mild knee ligament sprain…


Vikes will try batter him next week if he plays. He’ll get a lot of protection from the officials though considering the new rules and what happened last year


That was some touchdown throw to Geronimo Allison


Rodgers is goat-tastic


Anthony Zettel cut last week and Ashwn Robinson a healthy scratch tonight. Ansah the only one defensive lineman of the 14 defensive linemen who played a snap for Detroit last year still active. Will be interesting to see what the defence looks like tonight


congrats to all those who had the balls to start Geronimo last night


Chick commentator tonight :confounded:


What a start for Darnold. Diggs is some bit of stuff