Super Bowl LIV - The dreary road to another Patriots Super bowl for all the dry cunts


Flacco traded to Broncos


Flacco off to Denver


Flacco on his way to the great state of Colorado.


Patriots need a wr only edelman under contract. Won’t get brown, nor do I want him anywhere near new england. Need a lad who will buy into the team not himself and his stats.


Flacco off to Mile High


Randy moss did pretty OK. Josh Gordon was into the team too, and still is but couldn’t keep off the weed. I’d take brown in aa heartbeat


No places for lads with ego like his. The way he left the steelers who were more than good to him. He was a 6th round pick and developed into a top wr, something rotten about that cunt. He will poison where he ends up.


The NFL rumoured to have settled with Kaep to the tune of $60 million :eek:


Is that for him alone or with Reid?



We have another lad heading out to follow in Hayne’s footsteps. Another ‘freakish’ talent who’d be best served staying put.


Kyler weighs in at 207 pounds and 5"10.1. He is definately going in the top 10


Jason Witten coming out if retirement and is back with the Cowboys


Tis Romo they could do with coming back!




DK Metcalf just broke the Combine. Every chance this papers over the limited college production and questionable route tree. Locked in top 20 pick.


Gary and Sweat with outstanding times in the 40 for defensive linemen. Gary if going to be a top 5 pick and a bust IMHO. Production doesnt stack up with his traits.


Sweat, at 6"6’ & 260 with a 4.41? Ridiculous.


Will go top ten off the back of it