Super Bowl LIV - The dreary road to another Patriots Super bowl for all the dry cunts


Its a bit farcical the boost in draft stock players get from the 40.

Not much mention of Metcalf’s 3 cone drill either. Slower than Tom Brady. A lot more relevant than his insane 40 and bench scores.


Why are the Giants letting Landon Collins walk? The franchise tag of 10 million is hardly unreasonable for a 25 year old three time pro bowler. Yet they are continuing with Eli Manning.

The mind boggles


The continued devaluation of the safety position. Ravens cut Weddle yesterday as well.


Brown and Nuk at Wide Receiver would be one hell of a combo. Shame their offensive line is utterly terrible


Twitter ablaze with OBJ to Cleveland rumours.


OHEMGEEE, Reports breaking of Antonio Brown to the goddamn Bills.

This could break the internet with memes and GIFs if confirmed.

Why?..why? on so many levels.


The seethe is overpowering.


At the end of the season the 49ers social media feed was full of Antonio Brown to SF, gone quiet now. The Bills :thinking:, strange one



They’ve probably bent over for ABs salary demands but that’s a steal for the “rebuilding” Raiders.


What are the odds Le’Veon Bell joins him there?


You don’t rebuild with 30 year olds


They need big names for the Vegas bill boards though.

Assume they will be nailed on for Hard Knocks now


Daany Amendola to the Lions. Probably to be followed by Flowers and McCourty.

Patricia is a fud


They’d be on the shortlist with jets, ravens and possibly Buccs.


Trey Flowers in the bag and Justin Coleman.

Good to see the lions being aggressive but the clock is now ticking on Quinn and Patricia








Snap up some 14/1 for the AFC before it disappears.

Any word on compensation?