Super Bowl LIV - The dreary road to another Patriots Super bowl for all the dry cunts


Hards knocks at the browns again please. Outstanding signing.

Patterson gets 10m for two years from bears, a year or two under bill and josh is good for your health


OBJ & Juice together again.


Now this is news, is he getting more than AB? That would explain a lot
Are the Giants in tank mode for next year already?
Barkley gonna do a L’eveon now out of disgust :grinning:


Imagine tanking a year after taking a RB at #2 :joy:


Dee Ford to the Niners.


Does this mean they trade back from the #2?


Lev Bell to the Jets.


Nice trade by the Giants. Peppers is turning into a very good player


I think they sold low. I’d suspect there was an AB style situation brewing and the Giants cut their losses before Beckham took to Instagram and completely tanked his trade value.


They can eat the dead cap money. They are in transition and will be taking a QB early in the draft. While talented and all as he is, I’d say shermur and gettleman won’t shed many tears


No only cost a second round pick next year, San Fran went all in on the LB corps and will add a top rookie pass rusher but they have failed miserably so far in giving Jimmy G some weapons, mind you Brown and Beckham are both poison so could have dodged a bullet.


I meant in terms of not needing Bosa (the consensus #2) with Ford added to the DL. I think it gives them the flexibility to trade back but Boss and Ford on the edge would be :fire:


They should really trade Saquan too if they have any kind of coherent strategy. By the time they have rebuilt Barkley will be post-prime.


Don’t forget D Buck too! Could be some hilacious pressure for opposition QBs playing San Fran next season.


Could easily flip the #2 to the Giants for the 6th, 17th and a late day 2/early day 3 pick and get someone like Burns or Sweat at 6 as a high end pass rusher to add to what is a strong defensive line on paper and a wide receiver at 17.

If Arizona don’t take Kyler at 1 then the Raiders most definitely will at 4 if the Giants don’t move. Giants could hedge and settle for Haskins at 6 given that the 49ers, Jets and Tampa don’t need a QB but could easily trade out to the likes of Miami.


Poor cunt is looking at a few years getting beaten up every carry for nothin alright, but they gotta sell tickets.

Too many issues with kyler, i wouldn’t touch him


Browns @ Patriots will surely be the season opener now.

The future GOAT against the GCPOAT


Earl Thomas heading to the Ravens


22 Million in first 9 months alone coming off a leg break, lunacy!


Mark Ingram joining him in Baltimore.