Super Bowl LIV - The dreary road to another Patriots Super bowl for all the dry cunts




Fake news :grin:


Fuck head


Bortles has been released tho


Sorry twas on an NFL forum!


NFL free agency is what those Sky sports news cunts want transfer deadline day to be.


Ha Ha Clinton Dix to an already stacked Bears defense.


Niners continue to strengthen the defense by picking up former Chargers corner Jason Verrett.


No laughing matter.


For peanuts too. Great pickup but he’ll need to be wrapped in cotton wool.


Golden potato to the Giants, small bit of a step down there.


They don’t know if they’re coming or going.


Tate is an very underrated player. For a small lad he is tough as they come and a YAC monster. Won’t replace OBJ but will pick up close to 1000 yards no problem. Shephard also does his best work out of the slot so interesting to see how it goes.

Verrett is a fine player but a complete crock. He won’t last half a season


Tannehill to the Titans :thinking:


Chargers re-sign Adrian Phillips


Oh Tyreek, not again.


Career over before it even begun.


A cheetah never changes its spots


The Patriots have added 2 midget receivers to complement Edelman… The Lolly pop guild