Suspicious Phone Call

Got a “marketing” call today at work, a bit different from the usual marketing guff, it was a friendly english girl, she started by telling me that her company would be sending me out an IT Sales Catalouge in post and because “my company” had helped them with a previous customer service survey I would be getting free acaradia vouchers which can be used in any shop. She asked a couple of very vague IT questions “what type of printers are you using?” “what type of toner?” but she didn’t seem at all interested in the answers, then came the strange part.

She asks for my home address to send the vouchers to (which I gave without thinking), then started making idle chit chat, and asked if I had any holidays planned for the next couple of weeks, when I replied I hadnt, she threw in that the vouchers would be sent by registered post so she needed to know if there would be someone in the house during the day to sign for them. I really got the impression she was fishing around for as much information as possible about when the house would be empty, she had very limited knowledge about the company I worked for, and the IT questions she asked were fairly generic and she didn’t seem interested in the answers ( these fucks usually bombard you with questions if you speak to them).

Is it some sort of it elaborate scan or am I just being paranoid?

Did she sound like she had a stump for a leg?

This could be revenge.

Uh oh. You’re just being lined up for a tiger kidnapping pal. Looks like Rintintin will have to come stay at yours for the next few weeks.

I think she also asked at one stage if I was “the man who signed the cheques” :unsure:

Did they mention anything about a Nigerian Prince?

I’ve found the number that rang me, and I’ve rang it back. It was answered and they gave the same company name as the lady gave me yesterday so maybe they are legitimate. I’ll keep on a state of high alert for the next few weeks just to be on the safe side.

They probably had you on caller I.d mate and rolled out a well rehearsed routine…

I think you should ring liveline and discuss this with Joe, only Joe can help you now. :slight_smile:

why would’nt they send vouchers to work?

I dunno, I had the home address reeled out before I realised it. I generally don’t pay much attention to these callers.

You Googled the company name Runt?

Ya, but it’s inconclusive.
The CBI found are some lobbying group in UK and not an IT Supplier.

Did you Google the phone number?

Have you tried ringing them off a different number than the work line, preferrably a private number?

If the Runt wasn’t so boring I’d think this was a joke.


FFS some things never change.

+1 mate, boring and a simpleton.

just had a fairly weird call there. someone rang up and said ‘Hello Mr Gman, this is your online Pc doctor, we detected some malware on your PC’. I asked this one who she was again, and she goes online PC doctor, do you use windows 7, xp or something else. I asked her again who she was, and she goes online PC doctor, and when I said what company, she hung up.

checked online there, and seems its some sort of scam that they get people to let them log in remotely on your PC, charge you a heap of money and ‘fix’ your computer.

other than the Dunph, are there really people out there that would fall for that shit?

As HL Mencken once said: “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the record for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.”