Best of luck bro


You can do it, @flattythehurdler


Gwan Flatty. Some man.


What’s this about fellas?



Flatty’s annual bath. Good luck with it lad


Well that was tough. Rough today. Way harder than last year. Thanks to all of ye. I’m fair sickened now. Drank a litre of seawater I’d say. I’m glad it’s finished. Really glad.


Well done. :wave::wave:


Good man flatty. Legendary


Drink a few pints, that will help you vomit up the sea water. Or should that be the other way around?

Fair play anyway…


When are we meeting up for scoops, pal?


AISF :+1::+1:

This year smart arses


Well done, flatty pal.


Thanks. It was not a pleasant morning. Bleh.


Fair play to you Flatty.


How many turds did you swallow?


I wasn’t in malahide or portmarnock pal.


@flattythehurdler did some loons swim this without a wet suit?

Good time btw. You must have happy with that.


Slower than last year. I had a lad over to crew who decided he wanted to swim the first 2.5k to the boat and then climb on. There was such a swell he got lost and I was twenty minutes at the first buoy waiting til the boat found him. Was beginning to worry he’d drowned. You couldn’t see a thing because of the swell. I left nothing out there that’s for sure. Strong current getting in. I was rarely as glad to finish anything. The two lads over with me finished first and third. I’m back at Dublin airport now. Have a wedding in manc at twelve. London tomorrow. Fml.


You’re some man for punishment. Fair play.


Ps a few did. They were generally fuller coated than me. They have my utmost respect that’s for sure. It was a different beast to last year. Once you got about a kilometre out the waves were such that you couldn’t see anything. The mist came in. I kept swimming and was eventually stopped by a lad on s skidoo thing who told me I was headed back to shore. Luckily he led me back.out. Other lads swam to what they thought was a marker boat but this one was a lad doing lobster pots away out the far side. It gave me a deeper respect for the dangers of the sea. Twas rough in the middle as the wind swung West and the big waves rolled in.
Done now anyway.