Wait until @funtime sees this, those cunting RNLI fuckers asleep on the job again.


PSLC is much improved mate


There was bio luminescence in the water at the forty foot last night. Never seen it in Ireland before, amazing and beautiful.


That was Cryptosporidium was making it’s way down from Malahide.


I was going to say Sellafield’s on the blink again.


1k done at lunch today guys & I feel fine


This the season alright. Had a swim yesterday to Kickstart the week. Felt fantastic all day. A month in the pool before hitting the sea proper during may.



you hitting the pool/sea much these days

who is the other TFK swimming enthusiast? the lad that lost 10kg??



Where do you sea swim . I go to Fenit a bit.

Glin too on the BMS .


@flattythehurdler . He used to be a right fat bastard.


actually he is an immense swimmer and an extraordinarily decent person


Portmarnock for me mostly. High Rock to portmarnock Beach is a nice swim especially in the evenings.




slightly misleading post


The Half Moon, you can’t beat a nice dip out there on a summer day.


You’re right actually. Portmarnock for me almost exclusively. High Rock to Portmarnock Beach is a nice swim especially in the evenings.


Where in BAC is that ?



I’d be lying if I said I was, bro. I’ll be hitting the sea in the next few weeks though and keep it up for the summer. Sportsco’s pool is always busy when I want to go so I’ve lost interest in it for a while now.


Aah ffs sake @Horsebox what happened.?? You used to be a dolphin man.