I know man. I flush with shame when I think of how I’ve abandoned it. Was having a good chat with myself last Saturday as it happens to get back into it. Your stern words will only drive me on further.


mate, im on cloud 9 atm

get back into it

trinity is top class for a swim


The place in Clongriffin?


Nope, the Uni

Does the Clongriffin one have a pool?


There used to be a pool in Clongriffin that was manky


when was that?

Isnt Clongriffin a fairly new suberb?


Donaghmede/Balgriffin so.


Trinity Sports hall. Looks a bit of a dump. On the Hole in the Wall road


Unless they did it up it is a dump. Filthy fucking kip, you could nearly see the verucas scuttling along the tiles


Guys. I can’t swim. Anyone ever learn as an adult? Private lessons are the way to go I trust? Are they actually private or are they just one to one?

I’m looking for a personal goal to work on this summer.


I very much doubt you can get a private lesson with only you in the pool mate.


One to one BT. You’ll likely not get the pool shut down while you get your lesson and the windows blacked out. Unless you are prepared to pay a Kings ransom. There was a young lady who used to give swimming lessons in the pool in the Spencer there a couple of years ago. Ring the health club there and they’ll have her name. Paula something or other.


Surprised at this, there were some fantastic swimming coaches in Wexford when you would have been growing up.


Bizarre not being able to swim - … What kind of parent let’s their child grow up with teaching them to swim. - akin to child abuse.


Quite the opposite in Wexford






I’m currently learning how to swim, I could swim a small bit but my technique was all over the place. It’s going well so far, a group session and most of the others in the group are in the 60-75 age bracket.


a bad one


I gave your first quip a “like” but that’s just labouring it.