Happy to oblige


And that’s an even better post


The second one is a better one. I was sorry I’d made the first quip when​ that opportunity arose.


No you needed both quips. The second one wouldn’t have worked without the first. Both deserve a minimum of ten


I love the auld swimming but some of the shte jumped into years ago …christ


Water in High Rock today is perfect.


Were you there around lunchtime?


There about 2:30. Only a few around.


Excellent news. Headed home Saturday. My lad said yesterday “I just cant wait to get down to Blackrock”


I’d a few dips in me so far this year but really got the summer’s swimming off to a start today. Juhy senior dropped us down to high rock in the car in our togs so you know there’s no turning back. In at High Rock. Freezing to start so nothing for it but get swimming. Within a couple of hundred yards it was lovely. Fantastic swim round to porto Beach. Nice and warm getting out and a stroll back to the folks’ house. Felt fantastic ever since and banged half a tub of hummus into myself when I got home.


First swim of the year in Sandycove today after a jog down the east pier, it was very refreshing but still very cold.


You soft cunt !! Try the Atlantic so :sunglasses::sunglasses:.



The Atlantic is warmer than the Irish Sea




Off again this week after a rain swept and swim less week in Killarney. High rock and forty foot will be hit this week. Any other good swimming bolt holes on the eastern seaboard?


We still see it as easier and softer . Try Fenit , it is great .


Galway bay is definitely warmer than the Irish Sea I’d reckon.
I did a lap of the buoys most days two weeks ago at Blackrock. Togs only. Cold enough that you had to stop three or four times in the first 200m to let the headache subside, and a bit touch and go towards the end as you began to slowly freeze, but very nice otherwise.
It was beautiful weather though.


Very nice apart from the frostbite ,the vomiting and seizing up ?


And a little bit of death … don’t forget that.


Go down to Wicklow Town and swim off the pier. There’s a nice protected space in the harbour that usually has a pontoon out in it during the summer or you can swim out parallel to the shore.

As a bonus you might also get to meet Sammy the Seal, Wicklows answer to Fungi the dolphin.