I was in the middle of a bike ride and didnt have the time of it to be honest. General rule out west is avoiding the water till after May… old wives tale in reality.


May stay away?


I’ve often swam earlier in the year, wouldn’t hang around much in the water mind but I’d normally be in by April


Yeah, something along those lines


You’re mixing it up with the stockbrokers old wives tale. Sell in May then go away.

I’m jumping in off of Peigs Rock here as soon as the tide comes on and the sun comes up.


April and May stay away from the Sea (pronounced sae in a whest accent). June and July swim till you die.


Just back from the first swimofthe year. It was bollock clenchingly cold.


Where Fagan?


Peigs Rock I’d say, kid.


Peigs Rock Dunmore.


Was your lad shrivelled up? Like a little perrywinkle?


cast no cloth (pronounced clout) til may is out. The radioactivity of the irish sea keeps it at room temperature, the atlantic would put hair on your chesht.


The Shrinkage.


You’re wrong here. The Atlantic coast routinely has warmer temperatures due to the gulf stream. The irish sea has water coming down from the colder north Sea. It’s the rancid water from your taps putting the hair on your chest.


the gulf stream doesnt properly kick in til later in the year, what current brings water from the north sea to the irish sea? our tap water is from a local group scheme, checked every year to the highest standards, and hold on to your dublin hat here, but paid for by local people and always has been without a protester in sight. So no rancid water, enjoy your swims in the worlds most radioactive sea this summer pal


Feel free not to let facts affect your argument.

Today’s temperature is there as is the average over a few years of data.




First dip of the year today out in Seapoint. It was glorious and the water wasn’t even that cold. Absolutely amazeballs.


there’s no connection between those averages and the gulf stream, the fact that they are higher than average suggests another factor, a hot spell, climate change or whatever are definitely a factor. also that measurement is taken in a very secluded galway bay, or at the docks i’d imagine, is it comparable with a exposed beach front?


The reason the water is warmer on the east coast is due to all the radiation from sellafield.
You’d want your head examined if you go swimming in it.


exactly, scientifically proven.