Climate change? A peculiar type of climate change that affects only the west of ireland? Absolutely. Spot on. Here’s the data for clifden just to make sure the galway temperature isn’t skewed by all the pissed up mini maroonandwhites pissing into the corrib at Spanish arch. Weirdly it’s the same. Average temperature for galway is a full degree higher than dublin.



Clifden! I asked for an exposed location but as always you try and twist the argument. Any links for me showing how the cold north sea water funnels into dublin? pissing into rivers is more of a social activity in dublin, so the goons you were watching were probably more unwelcome guests from there. Fucking motorway.


Look, it’s no concern of mine that you’re thick as mince and I don’t mind that you spouted some shite off the top of your head about the west coast of ireland having colder sea temperatures than the east. That’s fine and obviously easily disproven. If you think the US government agency NOAA,( which measures temperatures all over the world as a tiny part of their work) hasn’t taken the actions of the Buckfast enriched folk of galway into account, or that they have a vested interest in falsifying irish sea temperatures that’s fine but I don’t fancy spending my evening googling weather websites for you.


but you made the claim that dublin gets north sea water, I didn’t, you can’t back this up? also clearly you can’t google your way to an accurate reading for an exposed coastline. It’s ok to admit you were wrong, no need to admit your a bluffer, that’s widely recognised


Here you are, claiming that the east coast is warm but that the wesht coast is not. As I’ve clearly disproven your follicle based theory, showing that dublin has a full degree lower temperature on average, I feel no further need to prove anything to you, particularly as you initially blamed climate change or some local factor for it.


you’ve proven nothing, you’re itching to as you like the sound of your own voice, but I’ve easily established the flaws in your claim


ah, what?


Maroonandwhite is a dimwit


So are this crowd a load of bluffers then?

They seem to have gone to great lengths to lei about the sea temperatures around ireland whoever they are.


here’s evidence your beloved NOAA was investigated for data manipulation



what was the average water temperature in the phillipines when you collected your mail order bride?




I was too busy dicking hot filipino women to swim bro


shit nonsensical comeback = rattled stage 5


Fair enough. Thats bfrilliant googling. It seems to be a huge conspiracy. Here’s another dodgy government agency with fake data on the west/east sea temperatures. Not sure who they are. Anyway click on the buoys for the relevant data.



you’ll have to do better than met eireann, so incompetent and inaccurate that TG4 purposely bypass them and take their stats and forecasts from the UK weather service.


I won’t have to anything. You can keep jumping up and down with your fingers in your ears shouting your mispronounced old wives tales. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it understand the basic temperature differences.


Some diddly eye TV channel ignores Met Eireann and it’s apparently a good thing? Yee Galway crew are a strange crowd.


best irish station by a fucking mile pal


How many unsolved murders are there on Ros Na Run now? Tis no wonder tourists are afraid to go west of salthill.