You’d get a far better standard of weather forecast off the bbc rather than which spud eireann could provide


“Yerrah sure you know yourself now, t’will probably piss rain”


I’d take Gerry Fleming over Michael Fish anyday


That’s a clamping




Low tide and a jellyfish invasion couldn’t keep me out



Signing in


You’d want your head examined to swim there


I swam around the far side, 2nd photo. Came up trumps in the recent water tests. All systems go


Better tide today


First long swim of the summer there today. High Rock to Porto beach. Baked in sun as we swam and dried by the time we walked the few hundred yards to the folks house after. Glorious.


How far is that j?


About 1500m maybe.


Decent swim. They have it all marked in Galway parallel to the prom from Blackrock with buoys. 500, 750, 1000 or 1500. Tis great.


Decent swim.all the way from malahide to porto.well done


Were you out there of late? I was in fanore yesterday… No more than 14 degrees if say.


That would be great alright. Must try it next time I’m in Galway.


Swimming :joy:

Are you lads in your 50s and past doing real exercise?


Swimming in the sea is for pleasure you cretin.