Says the fella who gives himself a pat on the back because he runs up a hill. Would it be better if I called it an organic hyper-hydro-core workout?


True. The witch doctors cant accept the older sports are best


It’s great. You can go in any time or tide from the boards, and it’s parallel to shore so it’s safe. In the high summer you can do it without a suit. If you’re thin, you still get very cold.


Swimming in the sea? Next to scumbags and raw sewage? You’d fit right in alright seeing as you yourself are a piece of shit.


No. Next time I’ll be back is the week of the bay swim. Have to be back.in manc by noon the following day then for a wedding then London on Monday :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Swimming in the sea is a pleasure. If you don’t get it then it says every thing about you.


It is one of the finest things in life. How I miss it.


Swimming in the sea is one of life’s great pleasures, kid.


Sure it is, why not just take a bath of toxins and sewage?


Do you normally bath in seawater?


Jesus you’re taking a kicking of late @ChocolateMice. Everything ok?


FFS :joy:


It’s alright mate, we’ve seen this from you before. Frustrated with life and lashing out at all and sundry. We’re here for you.


This thread is very quiet given the weather we’re having. Down the fortyfoot tonight, 3rd day in a row, and the best so far.


Popped down to the Half Moon for a dip after work this evening, magnificent.


Sorry @fran. Just the 2 swims for me yesterday. Fresh in the morning. Warm in the evening.


Spent the last few evenings in seapoint with the little lady, the forty foot is just beyond her talents thus far. She’s no fear in the water so I’ll have to watch her like a hawk


Swimming in polluted waters :joy:




That’s a clamping