Ooofffttt. I don’t expect to see choco back in this thread for a while. That’s an absolute clamping.


Galway bay this Saturday. Flying home this evening. Weather set fair.
Ah lovely.


Will you leave the roll of notes in the hotel safe this time please?


What is it?


A clamping


How so, pal?


Don’t dig any deeper, pal. I’d just walk away if i were you


I can't open the link, you cunt.





FFS sake. Any neutral reports done on this other than a local authority one? The cunt that wrote that up probably had two heads from swimming in the Irish sea continuously... A bit like how I imagine @Juhniallio to look


Blackrock, Salthill and Seapoint are the places to be this evening.

There's only one Blackrock, one Salthill and one Seapoint.

I think I'll get the metro down and walk back home through town.


Just be careful out there


A Cork deviant fantasising about what another man looks like. Nothing to see here folks.


Fantasizing ? You wish you fat headed mutant bastard.




Good doggy


Good chap, delighted for you that princess restored your internet privileges after the hoover incident


Went for a dip down in Garyvoe yesterday. The tide was well in. I would give the water a 'handsome' rating.


Tremendous water in Brittas Bay yesterday. 15m in and you were up to your neck. Lovely breeze on the beach to cool down also where inland, it was suffocating.


Was in from Blackrock the last two mornings. Beautiful but rough enough.
Found this swim hat which I proudly will wear for the bay swim.