Anyone know what the temperature is like in Seapoint/The Forty Foot at the moment?
@Horsebox? @artfoley?


Its lovely I was in last Saturday. Absolutely jammed out there though. Looking forward to a load of swimming in kilkee this weekend.


I’d guess at 14-15 degrees


twas lovely and warm on sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I’ll be heading there later on.

If you see a shiny dome lad swimming out to try and stop a small girl in a ring trying to cross the shipping lane to howth thatll be me!


She could grow up to be an Olympian if she didn’t have you holding her back.


Alas, I haven’t been out in weeks. That will change this weekend though.


Or an evening herald headline…


So on that basis you’d let a 4 year old who cant swim, in a ring swim into an international shipping lane and try to swim 6.8 miles without proper protective clothing. She’d probably get hypothermic by the time she’s only half a mile out. that’s before you account for currents and deflation of the ring.

Looks like I’ll be seeing you in the childcare court at some stage then


You can do anything if you just believe.


Utter bollox.

If you wanna test that theory why don’t you believe that you’re bulletproof and put a loaded shotgun in your gob and pull the trigger


I’m pretty sure glas was yanking your chain mate,
Anyway there’s no Olympic event where you swim in a blow up ring.


Why would I believe that? You’re being irrational Art.


Art hasn’t got the hang of TFK quite :joy:


It’s hard to know with glad tbf. Then again Glas would love a blow up ring event for the gay community!


Stupid unnecessary comment, Just admit Glas made a fool out of you and move on from it.


No I won’t, and keep your snout out of it


Glas is one of my Favs here. Take a pop at Glas and you take a pop at me.
Ok fatchops ?


I’ll take a pop at whoever I want. Now go and bask in your insignificance, I’m done with you


Good luck @flattythehurdler a few rough hours ahead.


Best of luck @flattythehurdler