I’ll bring back tags over the weekend.


Ah yes! Let the games begin.




The wikipedia, what a resource that was :frowning:


MBB is a fag



Time to come out MBB


Tags are back.

To add a tag to a thread, click the Edit Tags menu item at the top right of each thread when you’re in the thread view mode. It’s just to the left of Follow Topic and above the thread ratings.

You need 100 posts to add tags to a post.

There is a tag cloud on the homepage now on the right hand side above the status updates.

Any problems let me know.


Any tags on the app?




Yeah some…

Mac nose all.

Honkers honk.

Hook nose, low sperm.


There seems to be a duplication of tags


Looks like when someone adds a new tag it repeats all previous tags.

Maybe you need someone to program a conditional php function :ph34r:


You know that can’t be done.


FFS Rocko. Fix the tags!


Tags are a fucking stupid idea invented by Gen Y cunts with no attention span and an inability to read more than 141 characters in one sitting. To think these cunts will be looking after Fagan in his dotage next year. :angry:


Fisty gets fisted :lol:


Time to the bring an end to the tags, Rocko.


I demand immediate action.


I’ve been disappointed with the level of maturity on show but I’m not quite at the stage of banning use yet. I will however discuss it with Bandage and Dunph and we will reach a consensus decision.


I think a lunchtime meeting tomorrow in Dublin city might be necessary.