I must say I’ve really enjoyed the forum of late, it has had a certain freshness, a great way about it. I hope this continues.


Oh you’re so edgy :sweat_smile:
I assume I’m in there somewhere although that tomato sauce was well before you were fucked out for spamming the shit out of the place with your drivel. :grinning: you even commented on it a few times but I’m glad to know that you’ve been thinking about me while you were away.
Listen mate, you’ve probably realised by now that nobody gave a fuck that you were gone, your pal seems to have been badly missed because he offers light relief and we all know he’s just a made up character. You are a joyless cunt who only wants to suck the life out of the place.


@HBV pulled the old prison number and @smark came running


@Rocko would you consider limiting posters to one paragraph per post? if posters need 300 words and 3 paragraphs to reply to a request to where they bought their mince then we are only headed in one direction here. if @tassotti doesn’t return you’re going to need to do something round here.



this is beginning to get very sad.

listen mate, why not rebrand? start afresh? This whiny humourless version serves no purpose anymore


I’m reminded of that excellent post you made some weeks ago about the same old cliches coming up all the time to score petty points, your spots, the bedsit, boycotts shitty pants etc.
Yet you’re probably the worst offender of all.


are you serious? the place is falling to shit and all you can come up with is for the only poster looking for fresh ideas to rebrand?


all those petty jibes are made up kid, the spots the bedsit the hooknose etc.
what and where am i resorting to that infantile rubbish? please reply in as short and concise a manner as possible.


Is this the same lad that got banned for being boring and repetitive talking about about fresh ideas?


You couldn’t make it up… best ignore him.


I would but apparently it’s “against the spirit of a discussion board”.


@glasagusban @backinatracksuit and @myboyblue are everywhere these days. They contribute nothing - no discussion, no insight, no winning tips, no insults and they don’t even wind people up. the past few weeks most threads are like the comments section you’d see under a gaa banter Facebook status or something like that.


What do you contribute pal? Just out of curiousity.


chaps, if you think the forum is on top of its game these days then id argue this thread is not for you, unless of course you are simply intent on sticking your oar into something that doesn’t interest you out of either petty maliciousness, or boredom.


This used to be a wonderful place to look in on. But it’s not hard correlate the decline with your arrival and boring carryon. Up your game.


i have noticed now alright that a little gang of brothers have emerged. Liking each others posts left right and centre and moping up after each other.



Christ you wouldn’t call one of those cunts if you were going into battle.




You couldn’t make it up pal.


That’s a good one, I’ve not noticed that myself but you have to be getting a little annoyed that every post you make is followed within a few seconds by a notification that you’ve been liked by @AppleCrumbled
Would you not throw him a bone and give one back to him the odd time, the poor old cunt.