Tattoos - Anyone Got Any?


Any reason for the type?

How did you decide on the design?

Do you like it / them?


That’s pretty much all I have to say…

You should have left it at ‘no’ then. Fool.

i haven’t but i am thinking of getting one saying “frank lohan for president” on monday if all goes well…might get it in japanese so i would only look like a knob in japan…

Yeah and leaving 3 … at the end of a sentence usually means that you’ll be back with something more to say.

What’s it to you…

When you ask a question it’s usually punctuated with a question mark, below is an example:


[quote=“Flano”]When you ask a question it’s usually punctuated with a question mark, below is an example:


thanks flano…I will remember that the next time I am writing a letter or an essay…


serious punctuation value!..

Will probably get a Bohs one at some stage, just never really bothered thus far in my life…

I turned on some programme called Miami Ink there few nights ago. Some class tattoo’s on it…

I note that the thread lead Bandage hasn’t remarked on any lasting marks on his own body. So?

Puke; was that you on the original (Frank Lohan for President)

With regards to my own body art:
Where we sported and played circles my belly button (and innie)
A three stringed rainbow, tri coloured, ending in a shamrock enjoys the well beneath my left shoulder
A string of ivy wrapping my left calf

and because (apparently) I’m too private and insulated for my own good; I’ve decided to get a heart inside my wrist; to remind me to open up.

There is something vaguely durty about that…

not getting any sledge?

its meant to suggest a heart on sleeve motive

Don’t have any but reckon I’m gonna start getting some. Was looking for some ideas to steal really. Wouldn’t mind having a design that’s reflective of being from Ireland but it’s hard not to go into cliche territory. I might get the full text of the Proclamation of the Republic on my back and be like that annoying guy that breaks out of prisons.

I have a tattoo of the gooch on my tisnt

Don’t do it lads, tatts are not cool, they are naff.

Why not get the tfk logo?

There was a thread like this on the old CH years ago, and two I remember were:

An Tin (the bull from the old 5p coin)
and a
A bar code (name dob rsi no. ID stuff)

think both of those class & cool

While I’m on the subject; I’m also probably gonna get my hands and fore arms henna’ed for Electric Picnic