Technical Problems

Im sitting in work for the past two hous and the server has been acting the bollox and Ive got nothing done. Anyone ever have IT problems in work that have basically left them with nothing to do? Im going crazy, i feel like constantly going for a :smoke:

You shouldn’t need to rely on IT problems to do nothing in work, flano.

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Very good point. Problem is ive been doing that all week and was ready to put in a burst of productivity and now I cant. Tomorrow’s another day I suppose

Nobody does anything on a Friday. Best wait til Monday and start fresh.

Yeah and I’ll most likely be a wreck after the Beat Club tonight anyway. :drink: :drink: :drink:

Here’s a reply I recieved when I informed a certain department about the problem:

"Hi Flano,

I forwarded this onto technical team when you sent. We are investigating."

It better be Sherlock Holmes who got assigned the case. hi5

It’s great that they adopt such a personal style, using your nickname and stuff.

Would anyone here know anything about Lenovo photo master?

No, love.

Well anyho, it seems odd when i right click on any photo it doesn’t give me an option to copy a photo.

Thanks harry :sunny:

Does anybody know how I can turn a twitter video in to one I can post on Facebook?

Once you have it downloaded as an mp4, you can upload it to FB like any other video

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or you can use ssstwitter to download your video and then upload it to FB

This looks dodgy.

Them lads from Ukraine are a sound bunch of lads.

there are a lot of examples like that. ssyoutube is another one

Who do you support? How many points did you get in your leaving Cert?

What are you wearing?