Is it the only sport that women play thats gets reasonable coverage is comparison to the mens game and where the prize money is decent for them?

Only because the male and female competitions are ran off at the same time

I think tennis is awful but strangely i can watch womens tennis when the tv is on mute…

I believe women record faster times in Skeleton so I assume the financial rewards and publicity reflect that.

Athletics springs to mind for coverage, and without being bothered to check, I’d say there is decent money in women’s golf (far less than the men’s game obviously).

There’s nothing more annoying than a women’s tennis match being shown on TV during a grand slam when there is any kind of a decent men’s game on. I wish they’d fuck off and organise their own grand slams and see how popular they would be with TV viewers. About as popular as a regular WTA event I’d say, which isn’t very popular.